Home Essentials Methylated Spirits

Methylated Spirits is an alcohol solvent with multiple uses around the house. It’s a traditional cleaner and stain remover, but it also makes a great lightweight fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves.

Size: 100ml, 200ml

Uses & Tips

  • Pierced ears - Use sparingly and carefully to cleanse around earring and piercings. 
  • Helps remove perspiration marks - Sponge with Home Essentials Methylated Spirits and leave for an hour before washing off in warm soapy water.
  • Glass and floor cleaner - Dilute with water.
  • Painting - Use as a paint thinner and for cleaning paint brushes. 
  • Metal cleaner
  • Clean CD's and DVD's
  • Camping - Light weight camping fuel for camp stoves and lights.

Recipes (Make Your Own)

Odour mix 

Mix together 20 drops each of Home Essentials Lavender Oil, Home Essentials Eucalyptus Oil, Home Essentials Citronella Oil and Home Essentials Tea Tree Oil. Add 200ml of water and 100ml Home Essentials Methylated Spirits. Place mixture into a spray bottle and shake well before use. No not spray near oil or water paint artworks or on polished or stained wood. Helps manage cigarette smoke, animal smells and stale house smells. 

Mixture to wash and moth-proof blankets 

Take three dessert spoons of Home Essentials Eucalyptus Oil, one large breakfast cup of Home Essentials Methylated Spirits and 225gm of Soap Flakes and mix together in a screw top jar until dissolved. Add one tablespoon of mixture to every four and a half litres of water and soak blankets until clean. Do not rinse as the Eucalyptus Oil will replace the oil in the wool. Dry outside and store mixture in a cool place.

Mixture to help keep mirrors fog free  

Mix with equal parts Home Essentials Glycerol and Home Essentials Methylated Spirits.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of this information, we cannot guarantee the suitability of any product for any particular purpose. We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from direct or indirect reliance upon information contained within this Home Essentials handy hints guide. The information contained herein is intended for educational purposes only, it is not intended to replace qualified medical healthcare.

Important note on stain removal – Before you begin, remove as much of the solids as possible, and blot up as much liquid as possible. Dab the stain, don’t rub. Begin at the outer edge of the stain, working your way towards the centre. If possible apply treatment from the back of the fabric. Be cautious with application, by applying too much solvent or rubbing too vigorously you risk spoiling the fabric. Never strengthen solutions if they don’t work. Always rinse fabric and let dry before trying another remedy. If you decide to take fabric to a professional cleaner, tell them what caused the stain and what home treatments you have already tried.

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